All of Evaluations are with regard to the Sri Lankan local syllabus contents. Most of our content are in Sinhala Medium. We are developing our content to be in English Medium as well.

Evaluation consists of 5 STEAM assessments. Evaluations/ Exams are coded as follows; (for further information read our terms of use.)

  • SCCA 036 – Monthly Exams
  • SCCA 046 – STEAM Quizzes
  • SCFA 016 – First Term Evaluation
  • SCFA 026 – Second Term Evaluation
  • SCFA 036 – End Term Evaluation

FIVE Monthly Exams (SCCA 036)

Monthly Test 01

Monthly Test 02

Monthly Test 03

Monthly Test 04

Monthly Test 05


First Term Evaluation (SCFA 016)

Second Term Evaluation (SCFA 026)

End Term Evaluation (SCFA 036)

STEAM Quizzes (SCCA 046)

STEAM Quiz (Includes more than 50% of Science content)

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