Project Ideas (SCCA 05X)

Please watch and read the introduction of the project idea (click the project topic) and try to find and develop these ideas on your own. Finding information for the given topic is not expected. Adding your own ideas and developing the project with creativity is expected. All of these experiments will cover the categories of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Edue Lanka Practical Assignments represents the assessment Code SCCA 05X.(‘X’ represents the grade/level) This page includes assignments related to the following assessment codes;

  • SCCA 0512 (Grade 12)
  • SCCA 0513(Grade 13 or Higher Grades)

Here are ten innovative ides which are suitable for the industry and as well as to the society. All of these ideas were adopted from “The Science Fair – A Juvenile Science Adventure Novel by Julian T. RubinMost of these project ideas were presented in the “google science fairwhich is happening annually.

01 | Science –> Determine the mechanism by which cancer cells resist cisplatin

02 | Science –> Cheap production of nitrogen pesticides and fertilizers through hydrolysis of plant protein.

03 | Science –> A Smartphone Application that Distinguishes Between Substances.

04 | Technology –> A computer program that simulates Newtonian physics.

05 | Engineering –> Measure the torque on an electric motor by the mass lifted by the motor.

06 | Technology –> Solar-powered solution for providing potable water.

07 | Engineering –> Fireproof homes: testing for protection borax, sodium bicarbonate, white birch and pine.

08 | Science –> Styrofoam recycling with limonene

09 | Mathematics –> Finding a practical mathematical function for f(x) with genetic algorithms.

10 | Engineering –> A robot controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).