Applied Science


Applied Science is a field where the scientific knowledge is being used for practical applications such as technology or engineering etc. The discipline of basic science, which is also denoted as ‘Pure Science’ develops the basic scientific information to demonstrate and comprehend all the phenomena around the world. Normally, Applied Science is used in order to obtain a practical or useful result which is been used for the society as well as for the development of science. Applied Science assists many fields such as Technology, Engineering, Business, Medical Science and to the Education of a country.

Applied Science can be applied to the fields of Mathematics. Specially, Statistics and Probability. (Epidemiology etc.) It helps the field of Engineering which includes, heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanics of materials, dynamics, statics, electromagnetism, kinematics, Material Science, Geology, Engineering physics, electronics etc. So as for Medical Science which consists, Microbiology, clinical virology, Genetic epidemiology. In Sri Lanka most of the state universities consists a Faculty of Applied Science where the fields of Physical Science or Bio Science should be selected and passed from General Certificate of Examination Advanced Level.