TWAS Award – 2018

The TWAS/NSF Prize for Young Scientists is awarded annually to talented young scientists who attained a high level of excellence in research work in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Amount of US $ 2,000 granted by the TWAS will be distributed among the prize winners. A certificate will also be issued to the winners by the NSF.

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First Term Evaluation Papers for 2018

  • Grade 2, 3,4 ,5 & 6 First Term Evaluation English Language Test papers will be uploaded on 23rd of March 2018.
  • Grade 7, 9 and 10 First Term Evaluation Science and Mathematics Test Papers will be uploaded on 30th of March 2018.
  • Grade10 First Term Evaluation Science Online Test will be available in the website officially from 16th of March onwards.

e-ASIA Joint Research Program (the e-ASIA JRP)

7th Joint Call for Proposals to be submitted by 26th April 2018

The  e-ASIA  Joint  Research  Program aims  to  develop  a  vibrant  and  collaborative  research  community  in Science and Technology, to promote innovation in the East Asian region, and to contribute to the region’s economic development. As a part of the program, Member Organizations of the e-ASIA JRP are implementing a joint call for proposals of multilateral cooperative research activities in the fields of Alternative Energy, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Health Research.

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