Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize 2020

The Singapore National Water Agency has announced acceptance of nominations for the prestigious global water accolade, ‘Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize 2020’. The Prize honours outstanding contributions made by individuals or organizations towards solving the world’s water challenges by developing or applying innovative technologies, policies or programmes which benefit humanity. The winner of the 2020 edition of the Prize will be formally announced and honoured at ‘Singapore International Water Week 2020’ and will receive a gold medallion, a certificate, S$300,000 and wide international acclaim in a highlight award ceremony.

The National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka (NSF) calls for applications from prospective applicants in Sri Lanka to be nominated for the said Prize.

Application deadline: 14th June 2019

For more details: http://www.nsf.gov.lk/index.php/component/content/article/802-lee-kuan-yew-water-prize-2020-call-for-nominations.html

T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion System

As a solution for flexibility and framing, the modular T-slot aluminium extrusion system has spread throughout the global industry. Nowadays Aluminium extrusions are commonly used in structures in industrial automation, material handling and machine safeguarding applications, where it provides the formation of skeletons (structure) for machines, conveyors, cabinets as well as aluminium opening framing.  

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Elements of Robot units’ modular automation system. Clockwise from top left: belt conveyors, linear motion systems, safety fence, T-slot extrusions and fasteners. (Source: Robot units )
The drop-in nut resting in the T-slot following insertion (left) and locked in place after 90° rotation (right). (Source: Eric Olson )

Evidences to the behavior of colossal icy planets in our solar system.

Some of the researchers in US has done studies on shock compression to infer the structure of a novel superionic phase of water ice which forms under high pressures and temperatures. The result of this study could potentially be important for researches and scientists in order to understand the properties of numerous planets with ice in our solar system and beyond.

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The Quantum Entanglement

The scientists have questioned about the cosmic web which is called the spacetime and from where it comes from, since Albert Einstein suggested that the space and time were inseparably linked each other. At present there are lots of ongoing researches in quantum physics which may come to a clarification on some day. There is a phenomenon which underlays the four dimensions of space and time where we all live which is called the quantum entanglement.

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Going back to the moon, this time to stay

In the year 1962-1972 NASA made history with the Apollo landings, at present they are working towards a return to the lunar surface. At the end of year 2018 nine business institutions had bid on contracts on sending NASA instruments to the moon. Now NASA is calling out global institutions for a deep space outpost in lunar orbit which is also called the gateway. And the administration of the President of United States is advocating for a crewed landing near the Luna south pole by the end of 2024.

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Reference: https://spacenews.com/nasa-selects-nine-companies-for-commercial-lunar-lander-program/

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Kōlam Utilizes Physics, Mathematics Technology and Mythology

The word kōlam denotes beauty. It consists of perfectly symmetry lines either straight or curved or through a grid of dots. Most of the time dots are being drawn first to achieve symmetry.In Hindu philosophy the dot symbolizes the cosmos. Sometimes there are designs which consists of continuous lines that loops over itself, which demonstrates infinity. A professor in Mathematics at Ithaca College, Marcia Ascher says that “The kōlam is an unusual example of the expression of mathematical ideas in a cultural setting.” Kōlam designs can be studied as a picture language. As for the above mentioned research (a field of study combining anthropology and mathematics) Professor Ascher and her fellow researcher Nagarajan states that “akin to natural languages and computer languages, picture languages are made up of restricted sets of basic units and specific, formal rules for putting the units together.

References: A field of study combining anthropology and mathematics

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A Wall Mortar with Rice, Sugar, and Blood

The first line of defense was built 600 years ago, which is the wall of Nanging in China. The wall is 22 miles long and it is built with 350 million bricks. Even at the present situation, most of the blocks are in good condition. It has surpassed centuries of weathering. A Chinese research group has analysed a mortar sample from the wall. The results shows that it contains rice, sugar and blood.

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Substituting Oxygen with Sulfur constrains deadly bacteria growth

Substituting an oxygen (O) atom with sulfur (S) in a sugar trehalose (is a sugar consisting of two molecules of glucose. It is also known as mycose or tremalose.) stops it by becoming metabolized by the bacteria Clostridium difficile thruconstraining their growth. Trehalose is widely used as an additive in sources, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The improved structure consists of many positive properties.

Ref: N H Danielson et al, Chem Comm, 2019, 55, 5009

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Almost 100 million years old Millipede found in Myanmar

A small and long critter was found stuck in a tree resin, which is almost 100 million years old in Myanmar. Its dead body is seen to be preserved in a lemon-yellow amber with a body shape of a ‘S’. As for the scientist’s analysis, it states that the arthropod was a newly described species of millipede with a strange morphology. The morphology shows that previously understood millipedes are totally different from the current view.

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