www.EdueLanka.com was initially published in July 2014, with a different domain name as kdjacedemy.wordpress.com, as a higher education website which consisted CIMA, ACCA, and General Certificate of Advanced Level Physical science (Com Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) study materials, mostly targeted for the Local Advanced Level students. In the year 2015, the website was modified and redesigned for Secondary Education in behalf of their Science related subjects.

Currently,EdueLanka.com has become a premium e-learning website in Sri Lanka that provides s-t-e-a-m education to the entire globe. The teaching methodology details and module codes for particular subject assessments are been posted under the appropriate subject page (This is a unique method of subject content classification concept which is new to the e-learning industry in Sri Lanka.) and it is in detail stated under the terms of service and in the privacy policy of the website. most of the contents included are in Sinhalese language. google translator tool can be used for such purposes to translate it into English. We are developing our content to be provided in English in the near future.