STEAM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. In an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the five disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEAM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.


www.EdueLanka.com was initially published in the year 2014 with the domain name of kdjacedemy.wordpress.com, as a higher education website which consisted CIMA, ACCA, Engineering and Physical Sciences study materials, mainly targeted for Advanced level students. At year 2015 the website was modified and redesigned as a website for school children in behalf of their Science related subjects.

Currently, EdueLanka.com has become a premium e-learning website in Sri Lanka that provides STEAM knowledge to the entire globe. The teaching methodology details and module codes for particular subject assessments are been posted under the appropriate subject page. This is a unique method of subject content classification concept which is new to the e-learning industry in Sri Lanka. Most of the contents included in the website are in Sinhalese language. Google translator tool can be used for such purposes. We are developing our content to be provided in English in the near future.


www.EdueLanka.com has become members with some of the world recognized global professional bodies such as the

Content Included

Important study materials for School students, Undergraduates and Professionals ;

  • G.C.E past papers.
  • School/Provincial/District Term test papers.
  • EdueLanka.com Module papers.
  • Monthly test papers.
  • Extra tutorials.
  • Important letters issued by the department of examination.
  • Examination Applications and Request  forms.
  • Teacher’s Instruction Manuals.
  • Online video lessons.
  • Online Exams.
  • Free E-Books.
  • Educational games.
  • Examination Results.
  • Examination Time Tables.
  • State University cut-off marks.
  • State and Private universities in Sri Lanka.
  • Computer Software’s.
  • Mobile applications for IOS and Android devices.
  • Assignments.
  • Lab reports, books for Engineering.
  • Notes, Research papers, Standards in Engineering

Vision and Mission

EdueLanka.com is created on the intention to develop the knowledge and skills of S-T-E-A-M education in Sri Lanka.

http://www.EdueLanka.com website will be renamed and remodified as http://www.STEAMED.COM from August 2019 onwards.

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